Faking funerals

In South Korea there's a funeral company that lets you fake your own funeral. And it's free. I shit you not (just Google 'South Korea mock funeral service').

The Hyowon Healing Center in Seoul has been offering a mock funeral service since 2012. And 25,000 koreans have already tried it.

What's the purpose? To trigger a fresh start in life. Because, “Once you become conscious of death, and experience it, you undertake a new approach to life.”

This service is an alternative to suicide. This idea might sound bizarre, but it's a creative way to fight a serious public health problem. Because according to the World Health Organization, the suicide rate in South Korea is high. In fact, it's the 10th highest in the World.

In 2008 Havas Group’s “Meaningful Brands” report shocked the Marketing Industry. The report revealed that consumers wouldn’t care if 74% of brands they use disappeared tomorrow. In 2019 things are even worse.

Consumers would't care if 77% of brands disappeared overnight.

And that's because most brands suck. And they suck because marketers and advertisers are in love with gimmicks like "brand purpose".

That's why they run ads about how glass cleaner brands can help you see the beauty of a child growing up.

Or how razor brands can help men be better and fight toxic masculinity.

Or how car brands can inspire a 30-year love story.

There is nothing wrong in brands having a purpose. What's silly is trying to tell consumers what our brand (image) is. Because as Dave Trott says, "Products build brands, brands don’t build products."

Maybe, we marketers and advertisers, should consider flying to South Korea. And fake our own funerals. So we can become conscious of death and start trying a new approach to marketing and building brands.

Your pal,

Miguel Ferreira
Founder & Chief Copywriter, Teardwn + Nishi

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