Connecting the dots through Port wine

2006 was a special year. 

This was the year Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain was celebrating her 80th birthday.

Ricardo Diniz got excited when he heard the news. Because he realized that this was also the year Douro was celebrating its 250th anniversary as a demarcated wine region. The World's only true port wines come from the spectacular hillsides of the Douro Valley in Northern Portugal.

Ricardo Diniz is a solo sailor and an entrepreneur who loves promoting Portugal. 

He's also the kind of entrepreneur who loves connecting the dots.

Ricardo knew that Portugal is England’s oldest ally (they’ve been allies since 1386). So he thinks out loud, "The Queen of England loves drinking Port Wine. I'm a solo sailor. I try to promote Portugal with my work. What am I going to do with these dots?" 

A few days later he comes up with an idea: Sail to England with a 80 year old bottle of Port Wine and give it to the Queen.

When he told his friends & family about his biiiiiig idea, they said, "Dude, the Queen? Can't you come up with something simpler?"

Ricardo said, "No, this is important. I want to show the World that Port wine is from Portugal, not from California. Not made in China, not made in South Africa. Let's show the World that Port wine is sooooo good, and sooooo Portuguese, that even the Queen drinks it."

It turns out Ricardo ended up getting a sponsor. And he sailed to England to personally deliver a bottle of Port to Her Majesty at Buckingham Palace. 

His crazy idea was a PR and a diplomatic success. 

Creativity isn't really about doing things nobody else does. True creativity is about connecting the dots around us in ways that most people can't imagine. 

Your pal,

Miguel Ferreira
Founder & Chief Copywriter, Teardwn + Nishi + Jack Had A Groove FM